Policy of Quality

Quality Policy

Bluepack A/S is a trading company who aims at being the preferred supplier in Denmark of flexible intermediate bulk containers, FIBC, for industrial clients and clients requiring compliance with the food packaging legislation.

Bluepack A/S is committed to comply with the regulation and restrictions in force as well as with any further regulation agreed by Bluepack and its clients.

Bluepack A/S will ensure food safety as to storage of packaging and comply with the requirements according to the international standard BrC – The global Standard for Storage and Distribution Issue 3.

As a professional supplier, Bluepack A/S wants to appear as a competent and quality conscious partner in any action taken towards the client. The customer should experience Bluepack as a professional partner in the satisfaction of his needs.

Bluepack´s choice of strategic suppliers takes place according to requirements reflecting the quality requirements of the law, Bluepack and the clients, including ethical and moral codices.

Through competency development Bluepack A/S wants to provide the necessary training and education of the employees and to ensure that each employee will be able to match the personal and professional requirements defined.

These policies are founded in Bluepack´s overall strategic foundation as well as in the commitment, attitude and responsibility of all employees. The policies are reviewed annually and revised as required.

                                                                                                             Last edited 31.03.2017


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