Organized quality

Purchase, logistics and environment

Well-organized purchase and storage mean delivery on time

The delivery of your orders from Bluepack A/S is always accurate and the goods arrive on time. It is our goal for all orders and it is a goal that requires a well-organized warehouse.

Our warehouse is situated at the centre of Odense where it is organized on the principles of precision, order and good service. It is far more efficient for our customers and easier for us if the products are placed in their proper place. Available and ready for being transported to you and your tasks.

Furthermore, we have a close link between sales, administration and warehouse in our daily work. It provides us with an overview and a good flow throughout the process from order to delivery. And it entails a far shorter time of reaction.

Active environmental profile

With a well-defined profile within the CSR area, including working environment and social engagement, it is only natural that Bluepack A/S has an active environmental profile to which we all contribute in our daily work.

All employees sort their waste in plastics, cardboard, paper and iron making out the largest quantities of the waste. The sorting allows us to deliver waste of a very high recycling value. This means that we – unlike many other companies – do not have to pay for the disposal of our waste.

Simultaneously, we make a difference for the environment for the common good.

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