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Law, rules and regulations

Law, rules and regulations set the agenda in most business sectors and for the most of our customers.

Bluepack’s advice is based on knowledge of packaging for transportation which is always updated on the requirements that you must comply with.

We include the new regulations in our quality standards and procedures when they have been adopted. We do not wait until they have come into force. This means the both you and we are always at the leading edge.

When selecting our suppliers and business partners

Concern for laws and regulations come into play when selecting suppliers and business partners. Not only must our partners be in line with us when it comes to their attitude (see the paragraph about CSR), they must also have the right, high level when it comes to product and quality.

It is absolutely necessary when a company like Bluepack A/S has customers within the food and pharmaceutical industry who need to be on the safe side when they transport tons of materials.

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