Control, documentation and complaints

Solid, sound procedures and visible data

Control and documentation on Bluepack’s products are of great importance to many of the customers who use our flexible packaging solutions.

The requirements on control and documentation vary from one industry to another. However, the vast majority of our customers need documentation in relation to the Bluepack solution chosen for the handling and transportation of both small and large quantities of goods.

Documentation – an integral part of our working day

Focus on quality, control and documentation is a solid and integral part of our working day at Bluepack A/S. We collect and take an active stand on the documentation which we receive from both our Danish and foreign suppliers. We make these data and the necessary specifications visible and available by sending them to our customers via e-mail.

Close co-oporation with Eurofinns

Bluepack A/S works closely together with Eurofinns, which guides and updates Bluepack A/S in this area. This could for instance be new legislation in packaging of food etc.



Complaints – serious service, prompt replies

In case of complaints from customers, we want to respond quickly. It is our usual practice that the individual consultant will visit his customer in order to inspect the problem.

Traceability is important

Traceability is very important in the packaging and handling of e.g. food and medicine. Product batch number, etc. allow us to follow the product and trace it back in the system in case of irregularities.

Close contact to our suppliers

In the process we are in close contact with our supplier who will receive a sample of the product about which our customer has complained. The dialogue is fast and efficient allowing you as customer to get a quick response and the necessary documentation.

“We’ll find a solution…”

As we are in close dialogue with both customers and suppliers, we can quickly revert to our customer with a solution. It is important to our customers in order to prevent that production and tasks come to a stand.

Certificates of the good quality

Bluepack A/S obtains the necessary certificates and declarations when our flexible packaging solutions are going to be a part of our customer’s solution for the handling and transportation of goods.

Registered with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

As a supplier to the food industry Bluepack A/S is registered with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration visits us once a year in order to control our papers and documentation.


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