Bluepack´s history is solid experience

The need for packaging from private and corporate customers (e.g. industry and retail) has changed significantly since Bluepack A/S was established in 1953.

We have continuously developed and adjusted our range of packaging solutions securing that it can always reflect the customers´ changing needs. And all the time our solid experience has followed us.

Strong on big bags since the 1980s

In 1953, Dansk Sække Import A/S was established, which today is Bluepack A/S. At that time the agricultural customers made up a great deal of the market with a high demand for jute bags for grain.

Agriculture still makes up a large part of our clientele, but today we have a greater variety of customers.

In the 1980s Bluepack A/S was one of the first companies which initiated the development of big bags that could match a new and larger volume within a great scale of industries. Big bags appeared as a rational type of packaging that could ensure the end-user competitive supplies of large quantities of raw materials delivered to the door. In every way, the big bags today are Bluepack´s most popular packaging article.

Subsidiary in Sweden

In 1999, Bluepack A/S acquired its branch in Sweden. The subsidiary is located in Löddeköpinge from where the company serves the Swedish market.

New products and possibilities

During the five decades since Bluepack´s establishment, a steadily increasing number of technical materials and possibilities have shown up. Plastic is a good example of a type of material that has provided many opportunities for modern and flexible packaging. Other new options are films and laminate packaging.

On behalf of our customers, we are constantly evaluating if a new packaging type could provide new and more flexible packaging solutions.


The General Manager Poul Strandmark was engaged by the company in 2007 as a Vice Manager responsible for running the company. It was a part of his task to modernize the company on the basis of the original spirit.

This takes place in consultation with a professional board that has since been established.

The Board contributes with a broad understanding of economics, management and operation, international and technical conditions.

Quality-conscious and qualified employees

Quality consciousness and highly qualified employees have always characterized Bluepack´s profile. Both represent a focal point for the advice of our customers. In addition, talented and forward-thinking partners help us to offer our modern customers packaging solutions of high flexibility.


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