12. March 2020

Your Big-Bag Advisor

5 Reasons Why We Should Be Your Big-Bag Advisor

1) The correct advice. With our 60 years of experience as a packaging supplier, especially of big- bags, you get the best advice from us. Big-bags must suit the individual production, the specific storage situation and mode of transport. With our many years of experience from hundreds of customers, you will be in safe hands with us.

2) Safety is an important factor when talking about transport and / or storage in large big bags. As in many other industries, you can easily buy the “cat in the sack”, but with professional advice, you get the assurance that the big-bags you need can also really stand the quality what they are bought for in your production, stock or transport.

3) Quality control is important. As your professional advisor, we ensure that quality is right and according to the specifications. Big-bags that we sell, of course, are constantly checked. We have been approved by the Danish Food Safety Agency for trade in food contact material, our stock is BRC certified (BrC The Global Standard for Storage and Distribution) and we use Eurofin’s laboratory for third-party control, thereby ensuring that the quality of our big-bags is top notch. We are also ISO 9001-2016 certified and a member of the UN Global Compact, which is why CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a natural part of our work and everyday life.

4) Special solutions for your business needs. We actively go into your problems / tasks and find solutions that are tailored to your needs. Large big bags on the surface look very similar, but in our experience it requires a special solution to work optimal. 60 years of experience in big bags is one of the important things we contribute to your business when choosing the right type.

5) Economics. We all know well that the joy of good quality are remembered much longer than that of a cheap price. Perfect quality and finances must match. This is also where our experience comes in. We can tailor your need for a specific quality that suits your particular use of big-bags, but at the right price.

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