PP bag

Polypropylene bags, nylon bags and nylon fabrics

PP bags can be used for many different products, including grain, sand and rubbish.

PP bags (nylon bags and nylon fabrics) are available with or without liner and in sizes from 30×60 cm and up to 100×180 cm.

Bluepack A/S has a large stock of PP bags in many sizes and therefore, you can order the bags when you need them even with a short notice.

Below you can see the PP bags Bluepack A/S has in stock:

Size: Colour: Art.no.:
30×60 cm White – uncoated 32930
42×65 cm White – uncoated 32779
50×80 cm White – uncoated 32826
60×110 cm White – uncoated 32754
70×110 cm White – uncoated 32855
75×125 cm White – uncoated 32832
100×195 cm White – uncoated 32747

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