Paper sack and bag

From foodstuffs to cement and what else that might be in between

Paper sacks and bags are a versatile, flexible and proven solution that can be used for the transportation or storage of a variety of products. It can be anything from peas, grain, feed and cement.

Paper sacks are the perfect choice when you need to pack and transport quantities between 10 kilos and 50 kilos whereas paper bags are appropriate for a less quantity.

Bluepack A/S has a range of standard products in paper bags in stock, but often we develop customized solutions for specific tasks.

Below you can see the paper bags and sacks Bluepack A/S has in stock:

Type: Size: Number of layres: FDA:
Open paper bag 50x87x14 cm 2 layers of white Yes 35503
Open paper bag 50x87x14 cm 3 layers of brown Yes 35184
Open paper bag 60×106,5×14,5 cm 3 layers of brown Yes 35360
Open paper bag 42x75x12 cm 2 layers of brown Yes 35239
Paper bag for disposal 70x94x25 cm 2 layers of WS with print
“Hold Danmark ren”
No 35513

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