15. December 2014


When ISO and CSR make a world of difference

With ISO 9001 in place, the packaging company Bluepack situated on Funen in Denmark not only made the internal work procedures more efficient. Thanks to the ISO certification, all packaging has also become traceable in every detail and Bluepack converts CSR values into practice.

This also applies in the parts of the world where a clear attitude makes a world of difference when it comes to quality, safety and environment.

 – We want to make what suits the attitude of our company. This we can do even better with the ISO 9001 certification which we have now implemented. It is a quality management system where the work is well organized and where it is possible to trace the products delivered from our supply chain, thus providing full traceability of the products, says the Managing Director Poul Strandmark.

Matching increased requirements

Certification, organization and traceability are three key concepts for the foodstuff industries using e.g. big bags from Bluepack in their logistics and production.

– When the requirements for the food stuff industry increases following the food scandals during recent years, it increases the requirements on us. We can now match these requirements to an even greater extent because the certification organizes everything providing us with uniform procedures. Also when it comes to dealing with our suppliers in countries like India and Turkey, says Poul Strandmark.

– Today we can provide full documentation on everything to our customers, our quality tests have been organized, and there is a high degree of knowledge sharing internally and in relation to our customers. At the same the certification provides us with some tools for carrying out uniform and regular audits with our suppliers.

ISO in every working day

In every working day all Bluepack employees play an important role in managing the requirements of the ISO certification. Karin Frøstrup, who is a trained internal auditor and the QA Quality Manager of our company, also plays a key role in the audit of existing and potential suppliers.

– We focus on the supplier’s ability to deliver the necessary traceability so that we can trace the packaging material. Therefore, we ask the supplier to complete a paper audit before we visit him to audit his factory. We check the procedures, CSR, HR, managing of complaints, etc., she says and continues,

– To work with this makes us respected by our customers and suppliers because we are in control of things. It gives them and us an extra value. I also believe that we can lift our collaborating companies in this way.


CSR and product traceability play an important role for the industries and customers for whom Bluepack is developing packaging solutions. This includes the food stuff sector, pet food sector and the pharmaceutical industry. With the ISO 9001 certification the work with CSR and traceability is well organized.

Bluepack became involved in a CSR project at the Danish Trade Council in 2011 when a number of Indian companies and suppliers received CSR training. The project focused on the employees´ working conditions. To Bluepack the successful project meant skilled and loyal partners. To the Indian companies the project meant a better reputation and a more stable workforce.

The Danish Trade Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has previously used Bluepack’s work in India as a CSR case:


Managing Director Poul Strandmark, Bluepack, cellular phone: +45 26 15 27 33

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