Big bags do it efficiently and elegantly

The development of three new types of big bags has secured KMC the benefits required. Focus is made on improved effectiveness and elegant finish when KMC’s primary product, starch and potato flour, is to be handled and delivered.

– Every year we move around 150.000 tons of starch from factory to customer. It makes up 5.000 containers leaving Denmark yearly by sea. For the transportation of our product we use quite some big bags, says Henrik Christiansen, Purchasing Manager at KMC.

– It is important for us that our big bags are strong seen from a functional point of view as they must be easy for us to fill and for the customer to empty. It is also required that they are clean and nice and so are the big bags from Bluepack A/S.

Placing great demands

However, the demands on effectiveness and finish are not the only demands placed by KMC when it comes to big bags.

– We place great demands on our packaging and thus on Bluepack A/S as our supplier. Our big bags must be metal-detected and vacuum-treated so that no foreign matters can be found in our flour, Henrik Christiansen says and continues,

– Bluepack A/S can meet our expectations because they all the time take care that our packaging comply with the European legislation. They make a good job focusing on the documentation on quality and security.

– We are subject to many requirements and therefore, we demand a high level of quality from the entire chain of suppliers which we use. Our suppliers must match the requirements which we are facing. A good example is the question of whether a migration takes place during which the plastics release substances that are hazardous to health. As to this point, Bluepack A/S has migration-tested our big bags and can document that they meet the existing rules.


Connecting things

Although KMC has 120 employees and produces very large quantities, only little attention is paid to the product even though the starch acts as a binding agent in a great variety of foodstuffs.

– We export 95% of our production to 75 different countries and we need packaging that is easy to handle all the way. Thus, it is important to develop new packaging.

– We always have a good dialogue and at Bluepack A/S they listen to us no matter how difficult our requirements are. They understand our situation and know exactly what we need. And generally, they are excellent in following the rules and laws in force as well as being informed of the rules that will come into force. We are also pleased to learn that Bluepack A/S has chosen to be certified which means a lot to our cooperation, Henrik Christiansen says.

Long relationship provides benefits

Cooperation between KMC and Bluepack A/S is based on 20 years´ relationship giving both parties a great number of advantages in the development of new packaging.

– Bluepack A/S provides the service which we are looking for and it has led to the close and excellent cooperation where high quality is provided. One reason is a good technical team that can transform the input put forward from our customers. In general, the employees at Bluepack A/S are well qualified no matter if we are talking about development, execution of orders, or logistical issues, says Henrik Christiansen and he continues,

– One good example is the cooperation about the development of our big bag with additional baffle which ensures us a very stable big bag both when filling it and emptying it, says Henrik Christiansen and continues,

– We have evolved together over several years. It makes it a common task to deliver a good product. Bluepack A/S always makes great efforts in delivering the task.


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