M. Larsen Vognmandsfirma A/S

Easybag from idea to success

To the firm of M. Larsen Vognmandsfirma A/S, who is one of the biggest transporters of waste, the Easybag has been a great success opening new markets and possibilities. The Easybag has been developed in a close cooperation between M. Larsen and Bluepack A/S.

– In fact it was only an idea when we thought that we could offer a new product to a new segment with the development of a big bag. For instance, to be used by workmen and builders who could choose an economical and interesting solution for their minor construction projects instead of ordering a big and expensive container for the waste. Now they can throw away the waste in the Easybag which we will collect later. Afterwards, the waste will be sorted and transported to the approved waste receiving and recycling stations, says Jeppe W. Jensen, Project Manager at M. Larsen. Jeppe has actively participated in the development of the Easybag from idea to success.

Creative thinking

– With the Easybag we have created new possibilities. The reason was the adoption of new regulation and taxation imposed on the companies when disposing their waste. With this solution we can offer a favourable solution to workmen and builders who will save man-hours because it is no longer necessary to let one or several employees sort the waste and deliver it to the recycling stations, says Jeppe W. Jensen and he continues,

– We collect, sort and deliver the waste for its treatment so that the customer in turn can focus on using his skills properly. This keeps the customer’s employees on the construction site where they can produce instead of using idle hours on the recycling stations.

– Furthermore, it is a very flexible solution because you can place one Easybag at one place and another at another place. Or you can take it with you on your trailer or the like when going around between different projects.

Thorough process, concentrated progress

– We contacted our suppliers of big bags to learn whether it was possible at all to carry out our idea. At Bluepack A/S we had a very thorough process during which two or three meetings were held before we could place our first order.

– We experienced a very concentrated and interesting process where we together got a good grip of all the details and practical challenges. For instance, we discussed where to place the loops in order to ensure the optimal distribution of the weight, says Jeppe W. Jensen about the dialogue and cooperation with Bluepack A/S about the Easybag which ”…helped us to create a new market.”

Dialogue (Susan Ascot), from idea to drawing board

Bluepack A/S has played the role of a committed partner having the right skills to move the Easybag from idea to drawing board and further on to practice. However, also for Bluepack A/S it has been a good learning process.

– We experienced this as a very positive process in which the practical challenges about the design of the big bag were resolved. We have also been inspired by M. Larsen who has its own systems for collecting used big bags for the regeneration of the PP material. Jeppe made a good sharing with us and it is a very good example of a good ping pong dialogue in our cooperation, says Susan Ascot, Sales Manager of Plastics and Agriculture at Bluepack A/S.

– It has been a collaboration in which we have had the opportunity to say yes or no in relation to our knowledge of the solutions. It fits very well with my credo that life is too short to develop something that does not work.

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