Packaging solutions including safety

    At Bluepack A/S we deliver FIBCs of the right quality and for many different purposes.

    – For keeping and transporting bigger quantities of construction waste, mortar, stones as food and pharmaceutical products.


  • Guidance

    Guidance in finding the right FIBC

    Guidance in finding the right FIBC is Bluepack’s strong point.

    Our employees are always ready to offer you and your company the right guidance.

    Bluepack A/S does not sell products but solutions!


  • FIBCs

    We create a FIBC which covers your needs

    If you are looking for a FIBC for your production, one of our sales people can pay you a non-committal visit.

  • flexible films

    Flexible film of high quality for many purposes

    Bluepack A/S offers a large assortment of products in flexible films. Our assortment for example includes packing foils, pallet hoods, shrink hoods, stretch hoods, top film and stretch film.


  • FIBC


    Are you for instance to transport food, pharmaceutical products or construction waste?

    – Bluepack A/S offers FIBCs for many purposes.



At Bluepack A/S we give you access to one of the best product ranges within packaging. All is provided in individual solution sales, based on personal and competent advice. We follow up with accurate delivery of solutions that can work, last and lift the task.

Bluepack A/S is a reliable partner and workplace focusing on right quality, safety, environment and CSR.

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